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Membership of the Governing Council

28. Concerning the Executive Director's proposal for an increase in the membership of the Governing Council, several representatives expressed the opinion that there was no need to expand the membership. One of those representatives said that an increase would complicate, rather than improve, the Council's functioning on the threshold of UNCED, which was to decide on the whole system of international environmental co-operation. Some other representatives thought that the proposal required thorough discussion and assessment which, one of them said, should be based on the availability of financial resources and the physical arrangements.

29. Some representatives said that it was essential to allow greater participation by Governments through an increase in the membership of the Governing Council. Others suggested that the Governing Council should embrace all States Members of the United Nations.

30. In the opinion of one representative, the time was not ripe to increase the size of the Governing Council especially if that were to lead to the creation of an Executive Committee whose mandate could be difficult to regulate.