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Environmental Perspective to the Year 2000 and Beyond (decisions 13/4 A to E)

At the 15th meeting of the session, on 24 May, the Council had before it some draft decisions on this subject submitted by the Intergovernmental Inter-sessional Preparatory Committee on the Environmental Perspective (IIPC) (see UNEP/GC/IIPC.2/2, annex).

The draft decisions, as orally amended by the President, were adopted by consensus.

The Chairman or IIPC said that, while he was able to accept the President’s amendment, it was his understanding that no time-limit had been established by the General Assembly for the Environmental Perspective. The expression “time frame” in draft decision B, before its amendment, had referred to the Commission’s report.

The Executive Director said that he wished to place on record the fact that the future sessions of IIPC during the period 1985-1987 would have to be accommodated within the financial resources available. That would mean that interpretation would certainly not be available for the next one or two sessions.