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Desertification (decisions 13/30 A and B)

95. The Committee approved two draft decisions submitted by the Drafting Committee of the Permanent Representatives of UNEP, as amended by the African Group and the representative of the United States of America.

The Assistant Executive Director said that the financial implications of including the member

States of the Southern Development Co-ordination Conference (SADCC) in the list of counters eligible to received assistance through UNSCO would amount to about $500,000 a year administrative costs. He sought guidance from the Governing Council as to where the funds would come from.

Several representatives expressed the view that the SADCC member countries should be included in the list “in principle”, even if the money required was not yet available. The representative of UNSO said that it present there were 21 countries on the list, that all of them received assistance to varying degrees and that the support was provided partly through voluntary contributions but more often on a project-by-project basis. He also said that if a country were on the list, UNSO would exert its best efforts to found new projects in that country.

In plenary, the Executive Director said it was his understanding that the Council wished him to consider assistance to the SADCC countries within available resources. If he did not success in putting paragraph 17 of decision 13/30 A into effect, he would seek viable alternative means of assisting those countries subject to the limitations imposed by available resources.