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128. Agenda item 7 was assioned to sessional committee 1. The committee had before it documents UNP/GC.6/7 AND Corr. 1 and Add. 1, UNFP/GC. 6/8, and relevant sections of document UNEP/GC.6/3.

129. 129. in a general introduction, the chairman pointed out that item 7 dealt with the core of the activities of UNEP. the environment programme was a broad subject, both in the sense that it involved many organizations and in terms of the number of issues it raised.


  • Evolution of the form and content of the programme document
  • General action regarding programe activities and Adoption of the committee's report
  • Review of recent developments for subjects other than those selected for in-depth reporting
  • Subject selected for in-depth reporting to the council at its sixth session