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E - Report of the Secretary-General on the establishment And operation of a special account to combat desertification

317. introducing document UNEP/GC.6/9/Add.4,, the executive director noted that the secretary-general’s report, which the council was required simply to review, had been prepared pursuant to general assembly resolution 32/172, which had endorsed in principle the creation of a special account as on of a series of measures for financing the implementation of the plan of action.

318. Some delegations expressed the view that the establishment of a special account was not an appropriate means of financing the effort to combat desertification, while several other delegations expressed their support for the secretary-general’s report. Several representatives particularly endorsed the recommendation that the purpose o the special account should be to facilitate the receipt and disbursed of funds for financing projects, programmes and other activities to held implement the plan of action to combat desertification. Several delegations recalled the views they had expressed at the united Nations conference on desertification and the thirty-second session of the General Assembly, which had not changed.