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B - Action with respect to resolutions of the General Assembly

21. By paragraph I of section I of decision 11/1 of 24 May 1983, the Governing Council noted the call made by the General Assembly (resolution 37/202 of 20 December 1982, para. 6) for reports on results achieved in applying the International Development Strategy for the Third United Nations Development Decade, and decided to consider the subject under an appropriate item on the agenda of its twelfth session.

22. By paragraph 2 of the same section of the decision, the Council noted the request of the General Assembly (decision 37/442 of 20 December 1982, sect. VI, (b)) that the Secretary-General submit a report on the implementation of sections III to VIII of the annex to Assembly resolution 32/197 of 20 December 1977, requested the Executive Director to invite the attention of the Assembly to the relevant views of the Governing Council as expressed at previous sessions, and decided to revert to the matter at its thirteenth session with a view to considering any further views it might wish to express. At previous sessions, the Councils views were expressed in decisions 6/1 of 24 May 1978, section II, paragraph 10, 3/ and section VIII, 7/1 of 3 May 1979, section II, paragraphs 5-10, and section III, 8/1 of P9 April 1980, section IV, paragraph 5; 9/3 of 26 May 1981, section V, 10/1 of 31 May 1982, section III (which was noted by the Assembly in decision 37/442); and 10/2 of 31 May 1982.