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F - Implementation Of he Plan of Action to combat Desertification

30. By decision 11/7, part seven, section A paragraph 3, the Governing council invited the General Assembly to consider expanding the role of the Consultative Group for Desertification Control to include also information exchange. Relevant comments made by delegations during the debate in Sessional Committee I at the Councils eleventh session are reflected in the proceedings of that session (UNEP/GC.11/18, chap. VI, paras. 143 and 144). An account of the adoption of the decision is contained in the present report (chap. III, paras. 91-93).

31. By decision 11/7, part seven, section B, paragraph 5, the Governing Council invited the General Assembly to consider:

(a) Expanding the mandate of the United Nations Sudano-Sahelian Office into the area of dealing with the environmental consequences of drought, in addition to those of desertification, in the Sudano-Sahelian region as a whole;

(b) Working out appropriate institutional and other relevant arrangements which would enable that Office to be charged with such an additional responsibility.

32. By paragraph 4 of the same section, the Governing Council authorized the Executive Director, pursuant to General Assembly resolution 37/125 of 20 December 1983, to submit his report on the implementation of the Plan of Action in the Sudano-Sahelian region, and the decision thereon, on behalf of the Council, to the Assembly at its thirty-eighth session through the Economic and Social Council.