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Programme policy and implementation (decision 11/1)

33. At the 10th meeting of the session, on 24 May, the Council had before it a draft decision on this subject proposed by the Bureau (UNEP/GC.ll/L.16 and Corr.1).

34. In connection with the reference in section II, paragraph 7 (a) of the draft decision to 'expert scientists", the Executive Director replied to a question concerning the method used by UNEP to identify and select such experts. Following the Executive Director's explanation, the representatives of India and Pakistan requested him to provide them with copies of the list of experts on the UNEP roster.

35. In connection with section V of the draft decision, the representative of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics sought an assurance that, when the proposed conference to be jointly convened with world industry was organized, UNIDO would be invited to play an active part. He also expressed the hope that provision would be made for extensive participation by representatives of industry in the centrally planned economies.

36. In connection with section VII of the draft decision, the representative of Pakistan expressed the hope that the Executive Director would follow the procedure vis-à-vis non-govermental organizations, which the Council had agreed upon earlier in its discussion of part three, section C, of decision 11/7 on, programme matters.

37. The Council adopted the draft decision by consensus.