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Periodicity and duration of Governing Council sessions (decision 11/2)

38. At the 8th meeting of the session, on 23 May, the Council considered a draft decision on this matter proposed by the Bureau (UNEP/GC.ll/L.9).

The Executive Director said he took it that the task entrusted to him in paragraph 4 of the decision involved ensuring that the substance of the environment chapter of the United Nations medium-term plan corresponded with the substance of the system-wide medium-term environment programme, as approved by the Council at its tenth session. There was no question of modifying the actual structure of the medium-term programme, which had been adopted by the General Assembly. The Council agreed to that understanding.

39. The representative of Egypt, speaking on behalf of the African Group placed on record that the Group favored annual sessions of the Council, which would make it possible to follow closely the activities of UNEP, maintain momentum in advancing the environmental cause and continue the activities undertaken during the past decade.

40. The Council adopted the draft decision by consensus.