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11/2. Periodicity and duration of Governing Council sessions

The Governing Council,

Recalling its decisions 7/1, section III, of 3 May 1979 and 10/1, section III, of 31 May 1982,

Having considered the report of the Executive Director on the subject, .2/

Conscious of the need for cost savings and streamlining of its activities, Bearing in mind the tasks entrusted to the Governing Council by the General Assembly in its resolutions 2997 (XXVII) of 15 December 1972, 32/197 of 20 December 1977 and 37/234 of 21 December 1982,

1. Considers that, in view of the requirement by the General Assembly in resolutions 32/197 and 37/234 that the Governing Council review the programme budget in odd years and the medium-term plan in even years, it is not at present feasible for the Council to meet biennially;

2. Decides:

(a) That, as from 1984, sessions of the Governing Council shall be of a maximum duration of eight working days.

(b) That, at each regular session, there shall be a Committee of the Whole focusing on either administrative and budgetary questions or programme matters.

(c) That there shall be no session of the Governing Council in 1986, on an experimental basis, and that the Executive Director shall take this into account in preparing for the thirteenth session of the Council;

(d) That in 1987 the Council shall decide finally on either option for the periodicity of its sessions in the light of the experience gained in the previous years.

2. Decides also to discontinue forthwith the present system of intersessional informal consultations with Governments, and, with a view to providing the requisite continuity of co-ordination and co-operation between member States and the secretariat of the Programme:

(a) To invite permanent representatives to the Programme at Nairobi and/or Government-designated officials to meet the Executive Director at least three times a year to consider administrative and budgetary and programme matters, and to review progress in the implementation of the programme and Governing Council decisions, as well as specific issues proposed by the permanent representatives or the Executive Director; meetings would last as necessary and should take place in each quarter, except that in which the session of the Governing

Council takes placel.2/

(b) To recommend to the permanent representatives and/or Government designated officials that they establish, from among themselves and upon the nomination of their respective groups, a core group of 18 members having due regard to considerations of equitable geographical distribution 1 LO-/ the meetings of the core group at which attendance will be open-ended, shall be held more frequently than those of its parent

body to discuss among the participants or with the Executive Director specific items of importance to the Governing Council the tasks of the core group should include facilitating the preparations for Governing Council sessions, monitoring and advising on the implementation of Governing Council decisions, and putting in effect the work programme established for the group by the Governing Council; the permanent

representatives and/or Government, designated officials are invited to make recommendations to the Governing Council, through the Executive Director;

4. Authorizes the Executive Director to review the necessary changes required in the environment chapter of the United Nations medium-term plan to make it conform with the system-wide medium-term environment programme approved by the Governing Council, Pl/ and to present those changes to the Committee for Programme and Co-ordination on its behalf.

5. Requests the Executive Director to take the necessary measures for the implementation of this decision.

8th meeting

23 May 1983