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11/4. Israel’s decision to build a canal linking the Mediterranean Sea to the Dead Sea

The Governing Council,

Recalling General Assembly resolutions 36/150 of 16 December 1981 and 37/122 of 16 December 1982,

Bearing in mind the Declaration of the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment (Stockholm, 1972) 2l/ and the Nairobi Declaration of 1982 regarding the protection and enhancement of the environment, 22/

Recognizing that the proposed canal to be constructed partly through the Gaza Strip, a Palestinian territory occupied in 1967, would violate the principles of international law and effect the interests of the Palestinian people,

Confident that the canal linking the Mediterranean Sea with the Dead Sea, if executed by Israel, will cause direct, serious, detrimental and irreparable damage to man and his environment in Jordan and to Jordan's rights and legitimate vital interests in the economic, agricultural, demographic and ecological fields,

1. Takes note of the report of the Executive Director on the subject; 23/

2. Recalls the General Assembly's demand in its resolution 37/122 that Israel not construct this canal and cease forthwith all actions and/or plans taken towards the implementation of the project,

3. Recalls that in the same resolution the General Assembly called upon all States, specialized agencies and governmental and non-governmental organizations not to assist, directly or indirectly, in preparations for and the execution of this project

4. Requests the Executive Director to facilitate the work of the Secretary-General in monitoring and assessing, on a continuing basis, all aspects especially ecological ones - of the adverse effects on Jordan and on the Arab territories occupied since 1967, including Jerusalem, arising from the implementation of the Israeli decision to construct the canal, as well as in the preparation of the report of the Secretary-General to be submitted to the General Assembly at its thirty-eighth session, and to report to the Governing Council at its twelfth session on the implementation of the present decision.

8th meeting 23 May 1983