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11/5. Impacts of apartheid on the environment

The Governing Council,

Recalling its decision 9/9 of 26 May 1981 on solidarity with the victims of apartheid in southern Africa,

Recalling also its decision 10/7 of 28 May 1982 on impacts of apartheid on the environment,

Noting with appreciation the report of the Executive Director on the impacts of apartheid on the environment, L4/

Aware of the fact that apartheid is a crime against mankind and that it represents a great threat to peace and international understanding between peoples and countries of the world,

Recognizing the need for greater understanding and appreciation of the real and potential impacts of the apartheid and Bantustan policies on the people of South Africa and the neighbouring States with respect to their human environment in more specific terms such as land, natural resources, human settlements and the questions of fundamental human rights, human health and physical, mental and social well-being,

Recognizing further that such knowledge and information are vitally necessary in order to understand the full dimensions of the damage which the apartheid and policies of South Africa have caused and still continue to cause to ions of people in southern Africa,

Bearing in mind the views expressed on the matter by delegations to the Governing Council at its eleventh session,

1. Reaffirms its sympathy and solidarity with the victims of apartheid for the hardships and deprivation to which they are subjected

2. Further reaffirms its condemnation of the apartheid system in its various manifestations;

3. Calls upon the world community to exercise its moral obligation to bring is historical injustice to a quick end

Requests the Executive Director to continue to monitor developments to environmental impacts of apartheid, with specific reference to in both urban and rural areas (urban towns Ilps and Bantustans ;

Further requests the Executive Director, in conjunction with other United Nations agencies, to respond to appeals for assistance from national liberation for victims of apartheid with respect to their educational and project s on environmental issues for which budgetary provision should be made in terms of the programme priorities of the United Nations Environment Programme.

8th meeting 23 May 1983