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11/9. Regional programmes in Latin America and-the Caribbean

The Governing Council

Recalling its decisions 9/21 of 26 May 1981, 10/2 of 31 May 1982, 10/3 of 28 May 1982 and 10/19 and 10/25 B of 31 May 1982,

1. Expresses its appreciation to the Executive Director for convening the Meeting of Government-nominated Experts on Regional Environmental Programmes in Latin America and the Caribbean at Buenos Aires from 14 to 17 March 1983, for the general purpose of arriving at concrete recommendations for interregional co-operation in the field of the environment, and for providing secretariat support through the Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean.

2. Decides:

(a) To support the strengthening of regional and sub regional activities in Latin America and the Caribbean within the general policy of, and resources available to, the programme of the United Nations Environment Programme.

(b) To urge Governments and international organizations to strengthen their efforts to support the ongoing Programmes, coordinated by the United Nations Environment Programme of the Latin American Environmental Training Network, the Action Plan for the Protection of the Marine Environment and Coastal Areas of the South-East Pacific and the Action Plan of the Caribbean Environment Programme;

(c) To recommend that future intergovernmental meetings on the environment in the Latin America and Caribbean region be preceded by meetings of high-level experts designated by Governments, convened by the Executive Director, for the purpose of considering the technical aspects of regional and sub regional environmental programmes

(d) To request the Executive Director that the objectives of the regional and sub regional programmes designated as of common interest which were adopted at the Meeting of Government-nominated Experts, and which appear in the report of the Meeting,.L3/ be considered within the framework of the medium-term plan of the United Nations Environment Programme, and that he considers the possibility of an early start on their implementation

(e) To invite the various regional intergovernmental agencies and the organizations of the United Nations system according to their mandate, to participate in the formulation and implementation of the programmes

(f) To invite also, after consultation with Governments, the participation of those non-governmental organizations which can support the formulation and implementation of the programmes,

(g) To request the Executive Director that interregional co-operation in the implementation of regional environmental programmes be given special consideration so as to strengthen the regional component of the system-wide medium-term environment programme.

10th meeting