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F - Organization of the work of the session

14. At the opening meeting of the session, the Council considered the question of the organization of the work of the session in the light of the suggestions made by the secretariat in the annotations to the provisional agenda and the timetable of meetings suggested by the Executive Director (UNEP/GC.11/l/Add.1 and Corr.1 and 2).

15. At the same meeting, the Council decided to establish two Sessional Committees and to allocate agenda items to them as follows:

Sessional Committee 1: Agenda items 7 and 8;

Sessional Committee II: Agenda items 9 and 10.

it was agreed that the Committees would be chaired by Mr. Khoshoo (India) and Mr. J. C. Arlia (Argentina) respectively.

16. The Council further decided to establish an informal working group to consider the periodicity and duration of Council sessions and the preparation of an environmental perspective document. The meetings of the group would be open-ended, but the Council appointed a core group of 18 representatives, a third of the membership of the Council, with the following regional breakdown: African Group five seats; Asian Group - four seats; Eastern European Group - two seats; Latin American and Caribbean Group - three seats; Western European and Others Group four seats. It was decided that the group would elect its own officers. The group was requested to present draft decisions on the two topics to the Bureau for further discussion.