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G - Work of the Committees

17. Committee I held 14 meetings from 12 to 21 May. At its lst meeting, it elected Mr. M. Mutua-Kihu (Kenya) as Rapporteur.

18. Committee II held seven meetings from 11 to 20 May. At its 2nd meeting, it elected Mr. A. Daniel Weygandt (United States of America) as its Rapporteur.

19. The core of the informal working group was composed of representatives of the following countries: Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Burundi, Egypt, Finland, Ghana, India, Jamaica, Japan, Jordan, Kenya, Malaysia, Uganda, Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and United States of America. It held five meetings on the periodicity and duration of Council sessions, and three on the preparation of the environmental perspective. At its first meeting it elected Mr. V. Grover (India) as its Chairman, Mr. S. Evteev (USSR) as its Vice-Chairman and Mr. A. Isaacs (Jamaica) as its Rapporteur. The group did not present a formal report, but forwarded draft decisions on the two topics entrusted to it to the Bureau.