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E - Budgetary allocations

392. During the discussion of annex I to the programme document, two delegations stated that the indicative figures given for Fund allocations did not reflect a proper implementation of Governing Council decision 7/3 in the preparations of the budget, where the application of the criteria for priorities and allocations was concerned, and urged that the Executive Director should take that decision fully into consideration when presenting proposals for Fund allocations to the Council at its ninth session. These delegations took note of the secretariat's willingness to implement the decision fully in the near future.

393. Another delegation suggested that each programme and section should indicate, together with the operational proposals, the related financial implications. That would enable delegations to propose in good time increases, cuts and changes in each programme in the light of the allocation to it, and if necessary to amend the distribution between major lines in relation to the priorities attached by the Council to the different programmes.

394. The Committee approved the allocations contained in the annex, and, through the President of the Council, communicated its recommendations in that respect to Sesional Committee 11. The recommended amounts appear in Governing Council decision 8/18, paragraph 10.