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F - General action regarding programme activities

395. At the conclusion of its work, the Committee recommended for adoption by the Governing Council a draft decision submitted by the Chairman concerning proposed action by the Governing Council regarding the report of the Executive Director on the environment programme (see annex I, decision 8/6). Amendments to the section on world climate impact studies, sponsored by the delegations of France and the United States of America, had been approved by the Committee at its 12th meeting.

396. The secretariat indicated that the establishment of a Scientific Advisory Committee on the l@lorld Climate Impact Studies Programme, together with the necessary support to the Committee, would cost in the region of $75,000 a year. Other aspects of the proposed decision could be funded from available resources.

Support for regional activities in the field of the environment

397. The Committee also recommended for adoption by the Governing Council draft decisions on support for regional activities in the field of the environment (see annex I, decision 16 A) sponsored by the delegations of Austria, Bulgaria, Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic, Czechoslovakia, German Democratic Republic, Germany, Federal Republic of, Hungary, Norway, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and Yugoslavia, and amended by the delegation of Kenya, and on programme implementation: Asia, (see annex I, decision 16 B) sponsored by the delegations of Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Japan, Kuwait, Ilalaysia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Turkey and United Arab Emirates.

398. The secretariat said that the latter draft decision could be implemented within available resources. Regarding the former, funds amounting to scye $300,000 were currently committed for activities in the ECE region, and the Fund had earmarked approximately the same amount for a continuation of existing activities with ECE beyond 1980. If other new activities were requested as a consequence of the decision, they would represent an additional cost.

399. Some delegations expressed strong concern at the change by the secretariat in the text of the draft decision, as submitted by delegations, before its distribution to the Committee. Such a practice was unheard of in the United Nations system. One delegation stated that instructions had been requested regarding how to proceed further on that serious matter.

400. The Assistant Executive Director, Bureau of the Programme, saij he had understood the changes introduced to have been discussed with the sponsors. He apologized for the regrettable misunderstanding.

Action by the Governing Council

401. For the action by the Governing Council on the draft decisions recommended by Sessional Committee 1, see chapter IX below, paragraphs 499 to 5o4.