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D - Other business

481. At the request of the Executive Director, the Committee considered, in addition to its scheduled agenda, the statement made by the Executive Director in his introductory statement (UNEP/GC.8/2/Add.4, para. 27) that advice was required on the funding of various global and regional action plans. The Assistant Executive Director noted that the re-ional activities concerned could be financed either by the Governments concerned (i.e. through the establishment of trust funds, as in the case of the Mediterranean and Kuvrait Action Plans) or through resources additional to Government contributions. Different avenues would have to be explored for financing the latter group, as well as the global action plans. Any suggestions regarding possible mechanisms for mobilizing sufficient resources would be welcome.

482. Several delegations said that they had already made statements on the subject in the plenary. However, a number of comments were made. One delegation said that its Government was prepared to make substantial additional contributions to support increased efforts by UNEP in developing countries provided that other countries