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493. The Governing Council considered the draft report on the work of its eighth session at the 10th, llth and 12th meetings of the session, on 28 and 29 April 1980.

494. The Rapporteur agreed to reflect in the reldort a statement circulated by the delegation of the Islamic Republic of Iran condemning the selection of the Baha'i International Community as the representative of the non-governmental organizations attending the session. Baha'iism was a fake sect now used by many Western Powers to subvert the interests of the third vtorld; specifically, it acted as the fifth column in Islamic countries. The sect had nothing to do with the environment, and the delegation strongly opposed the delivery and circulation of its paper at the session.

495. The representative of the Environment Liaison Centre (ELC), speaking on behalf of the non-governmental organizations attending the session, said that the presentation of their statement in the general debate by the representative of the Baha'i International Community was the result of a secret ballot held at an appropriately advertised and well attended meeting of non-governmental organizations. The statement itself had been compiled through a process open to all such organizations attending the session. The Baha'i International Community, as a bona fide non-governmental organization in consultative status with the Economic and Social Council and with a number of specialized agencies, and a member of ELC, had done excellent work in environmental education and other environm(,nt-relat(-d activities directed towards the attainment of UNEP's goals for 1982.

496. Regarding paragraph i77 (d) of the report, the President noted that, following consultations among delegations, culminating in a discussion in the Bureau with the participation of the regional group chairmen, it had become apparent that most delegations accepted the recommendation of the Executive Director that he submit to the Council at its ninth session, as a preliminary trial of the programme budgeting exercise, a medium-term plan for 1980-1983.

497. At the 10th meeting of the session, on 28 April 1980, the Governing Council took note of the report of Sessional Committee IT (see chap. VI above), as orally revised by the Chairman of the Committee on behalf of its Rapporteur, and adopted the draft decision recommended by the Committee (decision 8/18).

498. The representative of Poland said that in view of the distorted versions of his comments which had been c-Lrculatinr7 outside the meeting rooms, he wished to stress that neither in Committee 11 nor in plenary had his delegation questioned the validity of th- General Assembly's decision to locate any United Nations organization in Nairobi, or made iny comment which might be construed as meaning that it had reservations in that respect. His Government greatly appreciated the efforts of the host country to ensure the smooth functioning of the organizations in Dlairobi, and welcomed the assurances of the Kenyan delegation that those efforts would continue. Rather than reflecting on the host country's acknowledged hospitality_, his comments and questions regarding progress in the construction of United Nations accommodation at Nairobi and the institution of common services related simply to the fulfilrient of recommendations by the United Nations bodies concerned. Discussions regarding the full use of the facilities to be established were still going on, and it was important to ensure that the vision of the United Nations Centre at Nairobi became a reality as soon as possible.

499. At the 12th meeting of the session, on 29 April 1980, the Governing Council took note of the report of Sessional Committee I (see chap. IV above), as orally revised by the Committee EaD-porteur and amended by delegations, and adopted the draft decisions recommended by the Committee (decisions 8/6 to 8/16).

500. The representative of Tunisia, said that in order to avoid the polemics entered into by the secretariat, her delegation had decided to raise the question referred to in paragraph 339 of the present report at the regional - i.e. Mediterranean - level. The States of that region had a forum, bringing together almost all of them, in which they could resolve the problem, in the satisfactory solution of which they naturally counted on the secretariat 7 s collaboration.

501. The representative of Brazil, referring to the decision on tropical forests (decision 8/9 A), said that although his del-e-ation had not opposed the adoption of a consensus text, its rncitioii on the whole question had been expressed during rnr--iilfntioiab aiia in Sessional Committee I. At the Expert Meeting on Tropical Forests, the Brazilian expert had reserved his position on the recommendations which the decision referred to. The Brazilian delegation now reiterated that reservation at the governmental level. Conseq,,iently, should a further meeting of experts be convened., Brazil would consider abstaining from participation in its work, in which case it would not be associated with any conclusions, of whatever nature, that might emerge.

502. The representative of the Congo said that his delegation would have preferred paragraph 5 of the decision to read "... such as pilot demonstration, in situ training and monitoring projects in integrated ecological research".

503. Regarding the decision on the Regional Centre for Information and Scientific Documentation on Tropical Ecology (decision 8/9 B), the re-presentative of the United Republic of Cameroon said that, since his government had already contacted UNIDO, I,,THO and @IMO, which had agreed to provide information and documentation, the Executive Director should concentrate on consultations with UNESCO - the executing agency ... UNDP and the countries of the region served by the Regional Centre.

504. The representative of tjru@uay reiterated his Oelef-ation's proposal made in Sessional Committee I that the ad hoc meeting referred to in the decision on environmental law (decision 8/15 )--b-e-held in Montevideo. The Executive Director replied -Lhat, if that was the wish of the Council,, he would enter into negotiations with the Government of Uruguay regarding the financial implications to it of holding the meeting there, and would report the results to the Council at its ninth session.

505. The Governing Council adopted the present report at the 12th meeting of the session subject to the incorporation of amendments approved at the 10th, llth and 12th meetings.