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506. During the statements made onbehalf of the regional groups at the closing meeting, the representative of Iraq expressed regret that the delegations of Israel and the United States of Ar-erica regarded everything relating to the Palestinian people as a Political issue. The United States view that PLO was not the representative of the Palestinian people could not obscure the fact that it was so recognized by more than 120 States. Unless it modified its stand, the United States Government would continue to be isolated, together with the Zionist entity, in opposition to the will of the international community.

507. The representative of the United States of America deplored the injection of political issues even into the closing courtesies of the session. It should be abundantly clear by now that such issues were appropriately dealt with in other forurjs; their discussion in the Council could only detract from its work, and he hoped that the situation would not arise again.

508. The President then declared the session closed.