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13. Taking account of the conclusions of the group of experts set out above, with which he is in agreement, the Executive Director recommends that:

(a) UNEP should continue its active participation in the efforts to be made to advance and synthesize knowledge on the interrelationships between people, resources, environment and development. In this connexion UNEP should be prepared to play a catalytic role in channelling these efforts into a well-functioning process, with the active participation of the organizations of the United Nations system, as well as of regional and national multidisciplinary and other institutions;

(b) UNEP should continue to contribute concretely to studies on the interrelationships. During the present phase, priority should be given to the development, in stages, of a conceptual framework for the studies, and to initiating studies of principal development issues. The Executive Director intends, in this connexion, to convene a second meeting of the group of experts, expanded to include high level experts in technology and ecology at the end of 1980;

(c) Advanced knowledge on interrelationships should be disseminated to Governments and organizations of the United Nations system in the near future through the programme perspective document, and the relevant conclusions should assist in framing the objectives for the System-wide Medium-term Environment Programme. The perspective document should become a powerful vehicle for presenting the conceptual implications of advanced knowledge on the interrelationships, as well as the results of assessments through Earthwatch, thereby providing both a conceptual and a factual basis for management actions by Governments to protect and improve the environment;

(d) UNEP should aim at making use of new knowledge on the interrelationships to adapt and dynamize the tools and approaches developed for integrating the environmental dimension into development planning and implementation.