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Documents before the Governing Council at its eighth session

Symbol Title

UNEP/GC.8/1 Provisional agenda

UNEP/GC.8/l/Add.1 and Annotated provisional agenda and organization

Corr.1 of the work of the session

UNEP/GC.8/2 Introductory report of the Executive Director

UNEP/GC.8/2/Add.1 The tenth session of the Governing Council

UNEP/GC.8/2/Add.2 Resolutions and decisions of the thirty-fourth session of the General Assembly and of the second regular session of the Economic and Social Council in 1979 of relevance to the activities of UNEP

UNEP/GC.8/2/Add-3 Work on the interrelationships between resources, environment, population and development

UNEP/GC.8/2/Add.4 Introductory statement by the Executive Director

UNEP/GC.8/3/ and Corr.1 The state of the environment selected topics - 1980

UNEP/GC.8/4 and Corr.1 Co-ordination questions

UNEP/GC.8/5 and Corr.1 The environment programme

and Add.1

UNEP/GC.8/5/Add.2 International conventions and protocols in the field of the environment

UNEP/GC.8/6/ and Corr.1 Implementation of the Plan of Action to

and 2 and Add.1 and Combat Desertification

Corr.1 and Add.2 and

Corr.1 and Add.3 and


UNEP/GC.8/7 and Corr.1 The Environment Fund

and Add.1 and Corr.1

and Add.2

UNEP/GC.8/8 and Corr.1 Administrative and budgetary matters

Symbol Title

UNEP/GC.8/9 and Corr.1 Relationships with non-governmental organizations

UNEP/GC/INFORMATION/l/ Compendium of approved objectives, strategies,

Rev.2/Supplement 1 concentration areas and goals for 198cl for the environment programme

UNEP/GC/INFORMATION/5/ Register of international conventions and

Supplement 3 protocols in the field of the environment

UNEP/GC/INFORMATION/6/ Memorandum of understanding concerning

Add-3 co-operation between UNFSCO and UNEP

UNEP/GC/INFORMATION/6/ Memorandum of understanding regarding

Add.4 co-operation on guidelines for incorporating environmental considerations in human settlements planning between UNCHS and UNEP

UNEP/GC/INFO@ION/6/ Memorandum of Understanding between the

Add.'@7 Executive heads of the United Nations Environment Programme, the International Labour Organisation and the World Health Organization concerning co-operation in the International ProgrgyrTne on Chemical Safety

UNEP/GC.8/iNF.1 Meeting with multilateral development financing agencies to adopt a draft declaration of principles on the incorporation of environmental considerations in development policies, programmes and projects

UNEP/GC.8/INF.2 Sample programme perspective document: Oceans

UNEP/GC.8/INF.3 and Draft sample system-wide medium-term

C.orr.1 environment programme

UNEP/GC.8/iNF.4 State of preparedness of documents for the eighth session of the Governing Council as at 20 February 1980

UNEP/GC.8/INF-5 List of participants

UNEP/GC.8/L.1 Report of the United Nations Joint Inspection Unit on regional training programmes in African wildlife management at Mweka and Garoua

UNEP/GC.8/L.2 Fund of the United Nations Environment Programme financial report and accounts (unaudited) for the biennium 1978-1979 ended 31 December 1979