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Decisions adopted by the Governing Council at its 1st Special Session


Decision Date of

number Title adoption Page


SS.1/1 Programme policy and implementation 18 March 1988 14

SS.1/2 The 1990 state-of-the environment 18 March 1988 15


SS.1/3 System-wide medium-term environment 18 March 1988 16

programme for the period 1990-1995

SS.1/4 Regional land subregional programmes 18 March 1988 19

in Latin America and the Caribbean

SS.1/5 Support for the Cairo Programme for 18 March 1988 20

African Co-operation

SS.1/6 Medium-term plan of the United 18 March 1988 21

Nations Environment Programme for

the period 1990-1995

SS.1/7 Proposed revisions to the global 18 March 1988 22

programme on the environment of the

extended United Nations medium-

term plan for the period 1984-1989


  • Programme policy and implementation
  • Proposed revisions to the global programme on the environment
  • Regional and subregional programme in Latin America and the Caribbean
  • System-wide medium-term environment programme
  • The 1990 state-of-the-environment report