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C - Officers

12. Accrding to rule 18 of the rules of procedure, "at the commencement of the first meeting of its regular session, the Governing Council shall elect a President, three Vive-Presidents and a Rapporteur from among its members". Rule 19 provides that the President, Vise- Presidents and Rapporteur shall hold office until their successors are elected (i.e., at the 1st meeting of the next regular session). Accordingly, the following officers, elected at the fourteenth regular session, contained to serve in their respective capacities at the first special session:

President : Mr. J. Illueca (Panama)

Vice-President: Mr. Z. R. Ansari (India)

Mr. C.J. Butale (Botswana)

Mr. D. Protsenko (Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic)

Rapporteur: Mr. P. Sutter (Switzerland)

13. At the opening meeting of the session, the Council was informed that Mr. Ansari (India), Vice-President of the Council, had apologized for being unable to attend the session and had nominated Mrs. M. Bhalla, head of the Indian delegation at the session, to perform his functions in the Bureau.