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A - Action with respect to resolutions of the General Assembly

21. In paragraph 1 of its decision SS.1/1 of 18 March 1988, the Governing Council resolved to excercise fully the role expected of it with respect to environmental activities within the United Nations system, the follow-up of the Environmental Perspective to the Year 2000 and Beyond (see General Assembly resolution 42/186, annex), the report of the World Commission n Environment and Development, 2/ and the system-wide medium-term environment programme for the period 1990-1995, 3/ in accordace with the relevant resolutions of the General Assembly.

22. The Council also decided, in paragraph 2 of the same decision, to include in the provisional agenda of its fifteenth session an item eentiled “Follow-up of the relevant resoluions of the forty-second and forty-third sessions of the General Assembly”.

23. In paragraph 3 of the same decision, the Council requested the Executive Director, using as appropriate the mechanism of the Designated Officials for Environental Matters, to provide the Council at its fifteenth session with the reports called for in paragraph 10 and 18 of General Assembly resolution 42/187. In paragraph 4 of the same decision, the Council further requested the Executive Director to submit to it at its fifteenth session, for consideration and transmittal as appropriate to the General Assembly at its forty-fourth session, through the Ecnomic and Social Council, a report containing proposed comments by the Governing Council on the reports referred to in paragraph 3 of the decision and on any other matters concerning progress on sustainable development that fell within the Council’s mandate.