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E - Agenda

12. At its 60th meeting, the Governing Council adopted the provisional agenda for the fifth session as approved at its fourth session, 2/ with the modifications suggested by the Executive Director in his note (UNEP/Gc/86). The agenda as adopted read as follows:

1. Opening of the session.

2. Election of officers.

3. Agenda and organization of the work of the session.

4. Credentials of representatives.

5. Executive Director's report and state of the environment:

(a) Introductory report of the Executive Director;

(b) State of the environment report.

6. Co-ordination questions:

(a) Report of the Environment Co-ordination Board;

(b) Other co-ordination questions.

7. Programme matters:

(a) Review of the activities relating to the environment programme;

(b) Review of the status of the programme, including supportive measures;

(c) Review and approval of Fund programme activities for 1977 and 1978-1979.

8. Habitat: United Nations Conference on Human Settlements Review and follow-up activities.

9. United Nations Habitat and Human Settlements Foundation:

(a) Progress report on the implementation of the plan and programme of operations of the Foundation;

(b) Financial and budgetary matters;

(c) General procedures and administrative arrangements.

10. United Nations Conference on Desertification.

11. The Environment Fund:

(a) Report on the implementation of the Fund programme in 1976;

(b) Audited 1975 accounts;

(c) Management of the Fund of UNEP and administrative and budgetary matters.

12. Draft principles of conduct for the guidance of States in the conservation and harmonious exploitation of natural resources shared by two or more States.

13. Environment and development, including irrational and wasteful use of natural resources and ecodevelopment.

14. Report on the implementation of General Assembly resolution 3435 (XXX): study of the problem of the material remnants of wars, particularly mines, and their effect on the environment.

15. Resolutions and decisions of the thirty-first session of the General Assembly and resolutions of the sixtieth and sixty-first sessions of the Economic and Social Council of relevance to the United Nations Environment Programme.

16. Provisional agenda, date and place of the sixth session of the Governing Council.

17. Other business.

18. Report of the Governing Council to the General Assembly.

19. Closure of the session.