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F - General action regarding programme activities

274. At the conclusion of its debate on programme matters, Sessional Committee I recommended for adoption by the Governing Council a draft decision suggested by the Rapporteur on programme activities. During the consideration of the draft decision, the Chinese delegation reserved its right to comment on the projects concerning the monitoring system in the atmosphere and waters in Asia and the Pacific. As for the question of setting up regional centres for the treatment of radioactive wastes, it reiterated its position of principle already reported above (see para. 214). Tile representative of France stated that a decision of the Governing Council should not refer to the recommendations of the informal working group on documentation, and that his delegation therefore reserved its position on the draft decision.

Action y the Governing Council

275. At its 75th plenary meeting, on 25 May 1977, the Governing Council adopted by consensus the draft decision on programme activities recommended by Sessional Committee I. as orally revised by the Rapporteur of the Committee (decision 83 (V)). 23/

276. The representative of France reiterated his delegation's reservation regarding the reference to the informal working group on documentation.