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C - General Procedures and administrative arrangements

309. Sub items (b) and (c) of agenda item 9 were referred to Sessional Committee II. The Committee had before it the budget report on programme support costs of the Foundation for 1976-1977 and the proposed budget for programme support costs 1978-1979 (UNEP/GC/94), the report of the Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions on budgetary matters of the Foundation (UNEP/GC/L.41), the unaudited financial report and accounts of the Foundation for 1976 (UNEP/GC/L.42) and a report on general procedures and administrative arrangements


310. The Chief, Office of Planning and External Relations, United Nations

Habitat and Human Settlements Foundation, stated that the substantial saving realized in the programme support costs budget of the Foundation by recruiting only eight Professional staff was in keeping with the views of Governments as expressed at the fourth session of the Governing Council and the comments of the Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions.

311. One delegation recognized the important role of both UNEP and the Foundation in the human settlements field and the concern of other delegations that the Foundation should become fully operational as soon as possible. However, it felt that, in view of the decisions to be taken by the General Assembly at its

· thirty-second session on the institutional arrangements for human settlements, it

· would be inappropriate to set a target for voluntary contributions and to contemplate major staffing increases.

312. The Deputy Executive Director explained that the Executive Director felt it premature to propose a 1978-1979 programme support costs budget, and simply asked for the authority required to maintain operations at the 1977 level for the first six months of 1978, pending submission of the 1978-1979 estimates to the Governing Council at its sixth session. He also explained that the proposed refinements in the general procedures governing the operations of the Foundation had been developed jointly with the Secretary-General.

313. At the conclusion of its debate, the Committee recommended for adoption by the Governing Council four draft decisions relating to agenda items 9 (b) and (c).

Action by the Governing Council

314. At its 74th plenary meeting, on 24 May 1977, the Governing Council adopted by consensus the draft decisions recommended by Sessional Committee II under agenda items 9 (b) and (c) (decision 94 (V)). 27/

315. The representative of the Philippines expressed her delegation's regret that the operations of the Foundation were to remain at the current level until 1 July 1978, and inquired about the current status of the rules governing seed capital and trust funds. The Executive Director replied that the matter was under discussion in New York and the resulting recommendations would be submitted to the General Assembly at its thirty-second session; no trust funds could be established until that action had been taken.

316. The representative of Gabon associated himself with the remarks of the delegation of the Philippines regarding the need to accelerate the development of appropriate financial mechanisms for the Foundation.