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C - Pahlavi International Environment Prize

486. At the 74th meeting, the Executive Director informed the Council that the

41/ For the text of the decision, see annex I below.

numerous nominations made for the Prize for 1977 had been reviewed by the Advisory Selection Committee at Geneva in March. The Committee's recommendations had been accepted by the Secretary-General and the Government of Iran, and the award would be made by the Secretary-General on 3 June 1977.

487. The Advisory Selection Committee had proposed to the Secretary-General an increase in its membership from five to seven,, in the interests of more equitable geographical distribution. The Government of Iran had endorsed the proposal and, at the informal consultations with Governments at Geneva in January 1977, it had been agreed that the increase could take effect immediately and be reported to the Governing Council at its fifth session. The new membership of the Committee was: Mr. Pastrana Borrero, Former President of the Republic of Colombia; Professor Dafalla, President, Sudan National Council of Research; 14r. Firouz, Assistant Prime Minister and Director of the Department of the Environment of Iran; Mrs. Marcos, First Lady of the Philippines; Dr. Peccei, President of the Club of Rome; Dr. Ruckelshaus, Former Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States of America; and Professor Trzebiatowski, President of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

Action by the Governing Council

488. At its 74th meeting, the Governing Council, at the suggestion of the President,

took note of the oral report of the Executive Director on the Pahlavi International

Environment Prize and endorsed the increase in the membership of the Advisory Selection Committee.