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82 (V). Programme policy and implementation

The Governing Council,

Reaffirming, its previous decisions on programme policy and implementation, 1/

Taking fully into account General Assembly resolutions 31/111 of

16 December 1976 on the report of the Governing Council of the United Nations Environment Programme on the work of its fourth session, and 31/112 of 16 December 1976, on institutional arrangements for international environmental co-operation,

Having considered:

(a) The introductory statement of the Executive Director, 2/

(b) The introductory report of the Executive Director, 3/

(c) The report of the Executive Director on the state of the environment

1977, 4/

(d) The report of the Environment Co-ordination Board on its sixth session,

(e) The report of the Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary

Questions on co-ordination questions in the activities of the Progranme, 6/

Taking into consideration the views expressed during its fifth session on questions of programme policy and implementation,

Having special regard to its decisions on programme activities, :L/ on the programme of the Fund of the United Nations Environment Programme and on the management of the Fund,

1/ Decisions 1 (I), 5 (II), 20 (III) and 47 (IV).

2/ UNEP/GC/L.48.

3/ UNEP/GC/87.

4/ UNEP/Gc/88 and Corr.1 and 2.

5/ UNEP/GC/89.

6/ UNEP/GC/L.47