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83 (V). Programme activities

The Governing Council,

Having considered the report of the Executive Director on the environment programme, 13/

1. Notes with approval the efforts of the Executive Director to improve the presentation of the programme and, in particular, the consolidated presentation of the three levels of the programmatic process;

2. Calls upon the Executive Director further to improve the quality of the programme document, taking into account the recommendations of the informal working group on documentation;

1. Notes the summary of the Level One reviews for human settlements and habitat, the health of people and of the environment and natural disasters, 14/ and invites the Executive Director, in the further development of work plans in those areas, to take full account of their conclusions;

2. Notes with appreciation the response from Governments, United Nations organizations, other intergovernmental bodies and non-governmental organizations to requests for information on their activities relevant to the environment programme;

3. Reiterates its invitation to all Governments, United Nations organizations, other intergovernmental bodies and non-governmental organizations, in accordance with General Assembly resolution 2997 (X)CVII) of 15 December 1972, to co-operate fully with the Executive Director in the preparation of the reviews by providing him with the information which he requests;

4. Notes with satisfaction the endeavours by various members of the United Nations system to develop new activities, or reorient existing ones, to ensure the implementation of the various strategies adopted by the Council, and urges the governing bodies of the relevant United Nations bodies and specialized agencies to authorize their executive heads to continue and further develop their fruitful co-operation with the Executive Director in this respect.


1. Approves the revised objectives and strategies for Level Two for the International Referral System 15/ and human settlements and habitat 16/ and the proposed objectives and strategies for the assessment of basic human needs; L7/

2. Approves the new formulation of the concentration area within the integrated approach to environment and development, including ecodevelopment; 18/

3. Invites the Executive Director to continue to concentrate most of the available resources on certain action-oriented parts of the programme already selected at the fourth session of the Governing Council, while continuing to keep under review the priorities in this respect and reporting to the Council accordingly;

4. Endorses the activities and associated actions which have been taken, or are proposed, in the Executive Director's reports on the environment programme, subject only to any modifications or amendments implied in other decisions taken on parts of the programme by the Council;

5. Requests the Executive Director, in implementing the programme, to take into account the views expressed by the Governing Council in the course of its consideration of the environment programme.

75th meeting

25 May 1977