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84 (V). Environmental assessment



The Governing Council,

Recalling its decision 29 (III) of 2 Cray 1975, in which it requested the Executive Director to give high priority to the consolidated development and improvement of Earthwatch and to treat all components both functionally, in terms of an integrated system, and programmatically,

Realizing that monitoring, information exchange, research and evaluation are essential to enable Earthwatch to provide environmental assessments as the basis for sound environmental management,

Recognizing that increasing evidence of the adverse effects of man's

activities on the environment demonstrates an immediate need for assessments of the short-term and long-tem impacts of these effects,

Noting that the interdisciplinary nature of Earthwatch components makes close co-ordination necessary,

Calls upon the Executive Director to establish, as soon as possible, effective working links among the components of Earthwatch as an integrated system, in order to discharge the Earthwatch programme's assessment responsibilities.

75th meeting 25 May 977


Monitoring of pollutants

The Governing Council,

Recalling its decision 63 (IV) of 13 April 1976,

Noting that the Executive Director's introductory statement 19/ refers, among goals for 1982, to a fully operational Global Environmental Monitoring System with results evaluated and published,

I Aware that the development of an adequate evaluation system can only be expected to evolve with time and experience,

Aware further that for one or two of the priority pollutants determined by the Intergovernmental Meeting on Monitoring, 20/ which met in 1974, monitoring has been conducted on a relatively widespread basis for a number of years,

Requests the Executive Director to undertake a pilot study to illustrate evaluation techniques with respect to national and international data for one of the priority pollutants, and to report to the Governing Council at its sixth session on the results achieved.

75th meeting, 25 May 1977

Outer limits: ozone layer

The Governing Council,

Recalling that the Meeting of Experts designated by Governments,

Intergovernmental and Non-Governmental Organizations on the Ozone Layer, held at Washington, D.C. from 1 to 7 March 1977, recommended 21/ the adoption of a world plan of action on the ozone layer and the establishment by the United Nations Environment Programme of a committee to exercise a broad coordinating and catalytic role aimed at the integration and coordination of research efforts related to the 7 ozone layer,

Taking fully into account the recommendations of the Meeting of Experts 22/ that the committee should convene with sufficient regularity to meet its responsibilities and should make recommendations relevant to the continuing development and co-ordination of the Action Plan to the Executive Director, who will report these to the Governing Council,

Noting that progress is being achieved under the ozone monitoring and research programme of the World Meteorological Organization,

Recalling that it is necessary to collect more scientific information about the actual state of the ozone layer,

Realizing that current research on the ozone layer is producing new scientific information, which should be reported to the Governing Council at each session,

1. Calls upon the Executive Director to initiate action to co-ordinate and

· integrate research efforts related to the ozone layer, and to establish a Co-ordinating Committee on the Ozone Layer, which should meet for the first time late in 1977;

2. Urges Governments, international agencies and others to support the World

Plan of Action on the Ozone Layer and to support and participate in the

Co-ordinating Committee on the Ozone Layer.

75th meeting

25 May 1977