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85 (V). Human and environmental health

The Governing Council,

Having considered the report of the Executive Director, in particular the section dealing with human health, 23/

Recognizing that health is a basic human need and an integral part of the quality of life,

Noting the progress accomplished, in co-operation with the World Health Organization, in the programme for human and environmental health,

Aware that there have been unethical practices concerning the distribution of chemicals, drugs, cosmetics and food unfit for human consumption,

Conscious that there exists an urgent need for all countries to develop measures to protect themselves,

Further aware that there is need for harmonious co-operation between manufacturers and exporters of chemicals, foods, drugs and cosmetics, as well as between exporting and importing countries,

1. Requests the Executive Director to continue to give high priority to the protection of human and environmental health and to co-operate closely with United Nations bodies, especially the World Health Organization, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the International Labour Organisation, in this field, paying special attention to the problems, in both developed and developing countries, of contaminants, both chemical and biological, of food, and to epidemiology and the control of chronic diseases of all kinds (especially parasitic diseases) as far as they relate to environmental factors;

2. Urges Governments to take steps to ensure that potentially harmful chemicals, in whatever form or commodity, which are unacceptable for domestic purposes in the exporting country, are not permitted to be exported without the knowledge and consent of appropriate authorities in the importing country;

.3. Requests the Executive Director, in co-operation with the competent organizations of the United Nations system, especially the Codex Alimentarius Commission, to assist developing countries in developing and strengthening their capabilities for evaluating chemicals, foods, drugs and cosmetics being distributed within their countries.

75th meeting

25 Day 1977