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87 (V). Environment and development


Industry and environment

The Governing Council,

Having considered the report of the Executive Director on environment and development, 27/

Conscious of the environmental problems of industry and of the need for industrialization to take place within an environmentally sound framework,

Recognizing the widespread concern about the impact of industrial activities on the environment,

Conscious of the need of the developing countries for urgent development of guidelines, criteria, advice and technical assistance in the field of industry and the environment,

Taking into account the review by the consultative meeting of experts, convened in December 1976, of the objectives and progress of the industry programme L8/ and the Executive Director's proposals for future activity in this area, 29/

1. Requests the Executive Director, while ensuring a permanent process of

communications and consultations on environmental aspects of industries between the

United Nations Environment Programme, appropriate international organizations,

Governments and industries:

26/ The first meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, held at Berne, Switzerland, from 2 to 6 November 1976, adopted resolution 2 on the secretariat of the Convention.

27/ UNEP/GC/90 and Corr.1, paras. 394-459.

28/ Ibid., paras. 442 and 443.

29 Ibid., paras. 446-448.

(a) To follow up the reviews already undertaken, on the lines proposed in the programme document, 30/ and to inform the Governing Council at its sixth session of the conclusions reacted;

(b) To proceed with the review of the environmental problems associated with the remaining major industrial sectors, including chemicals, iron and steel, and non-ferrous metals, bearing in mind, inter alia:

(i) Problems and the specific needs of countries, especially the developing ones;

(ii) The extent to which these problems and needs have already been studied and solutions found;

(iii) Situations requiring further study, and organizing such studies by appropriate means on an international basis;

(c) To disseminate the resulting information by consolidating it and

incorporating it in published reports, with conclusions and recommendations for the attention of the Governing Council, which can be used as a guide for the organization of technical assistance and training courses for policy-makers and plant operators in countries where such industries exist or their establishment is planned;

2. Further requests the Executive Director to expand this programme activity to ensure that it is developed and geared to the increasing needs of developing countries, and to convene, preferably in developing countries and with the involvement, as appropriate, of interested international organizations, consultative meetings of experts on industry and the environment, with major .participation from developing countries, to exchange information with a view to producing practical recommendations and criteria on environmental impact assessments applicable to and relevant to the needs of the developing countries;

3. Further requests the Executive Director, in conjunction with the International Referral System or by other means, to take steps to develop a continuous exchange of experience and information between developed and developing countries on environmental problems associated with industrialization and methods for their solution.

75th meeting

2-5 May 1977

Improvement of the working environment

The Governing Council,

Considering that the improvement of the quality of the working environment constitutes an essential element in the improvement of the human environment,

Recognizing that a new, comprehensive approach to development, aiming to satisfy human needs oil a sustainable basis, should include the promotion of creative employment and the raising of the quality of life of workers in their working and living environments,

Bearing in mind that the Declaration on the Establishment of a New International Economic Order, adopted by the General Assembly in resolution 3201 (S-VI) of 1 May 1974, implies the pursuit of social justice and equal opportunities in relations within, as well as between nations,

Recalling that the Cocoyoc Declaration, 31/ adopted by the United Nations Environment Programme/United Nations Conference on Trade and Development Symposium on Patterns of Resource Use, Environment and Development Strategies, recognizes the right of workers to participate in decisions affecting the basis of their existence,

Further recalling that the Governing Body of the International Labour Organisation approved in November 1975 a document 32/ on the contribution of the ILO to the United Nations programme, which provides guidelines for a coherent action programme of the ILO concerning the environment, in collaboration with ' UNEP and with its support, and adopted in 1976 the International Programme for the Improvement of Working Conditions and Environment, 33/

Further recalling that the International Labour Conference, at its sixty-first session, adopted on 21 June 1976 a resolution on working conditions and the environment,

1. Urges the Executive Director to integrate the principles and objectives related to the improvement of the working environment fully into the general framework-of the environment programme to be submitted to the Governing Council at future sessions;

2. Requests the Executive Director to collaborate with the International Labour Organisation and other United Nations bodies concerned, and with the appropriate organizations of workers and employers, in the development of an action programme for the improvement of the working and living environment of workers in industry, including agriculture and other sectors, and to inform the Governing Council at its sixth session of the results achieved.

75th meeting 25 May 1977