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88 . (V) Oceans


International conventions against marine pollution

The Governing Council,

Considering the desirability of promoting any measure designed to reduce pollution of the seas,

Further considering that a number of international conventions have been concluded for this purpose,

Considering nevertheless that the application of these conventions is still limited, in that not all interested States have yet become parties to them,

Recommends that States which have not yet acceded to these conventions do so as soon as possible.

75th meeting 25 May 1977



The Governing Council,

Noting that the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment called for the International Whaling Commission to adopt a 10-year moratorium on commercial whaling and called for Governments to strengthen the Commission and to increase international research efforts, 34/ and that the Governing Council had repeatedly endorsed these recommendations, 15:/

34/ United Nations publication, Sales No. E-73-II.A.14, chap. II, recommendation 33.

35/ Decisions 1 (I), para. 12 (e) (vii), of 22 June 1973, 33 (III) of 2 May7l-975 and 59 (IV) of 13 April 1976.

Norway, in 1976, regarding the continuing need for improved information about whale and cetacean stocks,

1. Welcomes the efforts of the International Whaling Commission in the field of conservation and management of whales;

2. Requests the Executive Director to call upon the International Whaling Commission at its twenty-ninth session to agree on the dates for the planned conference concerning new arrangements for the effective conservation of all cetaceans;

3. Further requests the Executive Director to extend the support, as appropriate, to research activities with respect to the conservation and effective management to conserve whales and other cetaceans.

75th meeting, 25 May 1977


Regional seas programme: Africa

The Governing Council,

Considering the increased importance which should be attached to regional seas programmes,

Aware of the acute threat posed to the marine environment by pollution in the Gulf of Guinea,

. Noting with satisfaction the action taken by the Executive Director in sending a mission to the region to undertake exploratory studies on the subject of marine pollution, 36/

Determined to combat marine pollution in the region in accordance with existing international conventions,

Recognizing, that the elimination of pollution in the marine environment requires broad international co-operation and technical and scientific resources,

Considering that necessary steps should be undertaken for the development of an action plan and a regional agreement to prevent and abate pollution in the Gulf of Guinea,

1. Authorizes the Executive Director to pursue action in this area by convening, before the sixth session of the Governing Council, in co-operation with the Governments, the Ocean Economics and Technology Office of the United Nations Secretariat and other United Nations bodies and governmental and non-governmental organizations concerned, such meetings as may be necessary to prepare for a regional conference of the States concerned, which will consider a draft action plan and all related questions;

2. Requests the Executive Director, to this end, to provide the technical and financial support of the Programme necessary for the preparation and holding of the necessary meetings.

75th meeting 25 May 1977

Regional seas programme: Asia

The Governing Council,

Noting with approval the activities implemented by the Executive Director in accordance with Governing Council decisions 50 (IV) and 58 (IV) of 13 April 1976, 37/

Having considered the report submitted by the Executive Director to the Governing Council at its fifth session,

Noting also the positive interest manifested by the Governments of Indonesia, .Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand in developing a scientific programme for the management of their seas,

Observing that this programme, although regional in character, could have results that are of broader significance,

1. Decides that steps are urgently needed to formulate and establish a scientific programme involving research, prevention and control of marine pollution and monitoring for this regional seas programme;

2. Invites the Executive Director to assist the countries concerned, as soon as possible, with the preparatory and other work required for this purpose;

3. Authorizes the Executive Director to apply such resources as may be required in conjunction with the appropriate specialized organizations of the United Nations system.

75th meeting

25 May 1977