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93 (V). United Nations Habitat and Human Settlements Foundation:support for regional action programmes on human settlements

The Governing Council,

Recalling General Assembly resolution 31/114 of 16 December 1976 and General Assembly decisions 31/411 A and B of 16 December 1976,

Noting with satisfaction the measures taken at the regional level to implement the recommendations of Habitat: United Nations Conference on Human Settlements for international co-operation on human settlements,

Recognizing that action is being taken to establish regional intergovernmental committees on human settlements to be responsible for the formulation of regional policies and their implementation at subregional and national levels, Considering the role of the United Nations Environment Programme and the

· United Nations Habitat and Human Settlements Foundation in supporting regional and subregional projects in the human settlements field and in the joint programming exercises with the regional commissions,

Recalling the provisions of General Assembly resolution 3327 (XXIX) of

16 December 1974 on the special role of the Foundation as an international entity for innovatively mobilizing technical and financial resources for human settlements, for serving as a financial intermediary and for providing seed capital,

Bearing in mind the provisions of General Assembly resolution 31/116 of 16 December 1976 and the decision of the Governing Council at its fifth session on the financial and budgetary matters affecting the Foundation, 44/

Requests the Executive Director to ensure that the United Nations Habitat and Human Settlements Foundation:

(a) Assists the regional and subregional intergovernmental bodies in the formulation of requests for assistance from the appropriate bilateral and multilateral agencies, and that the Foundation's staff and resources are allocated as necessary for that purpose;

(b) Establishes an information service for housing and human settlements financing, to assist developing countries in establishing links with the principal financial institutions at regional and global levels, including the World Bank, the International Finance Corporation and the United Nations Development Programme, and to improve their effective access to the international capital markets;

(c) Supports as appropriate, at the regional level, studies and meetings in the field of housing finance policy, and housing finance, in co-operation with the regional intergovernmental committees, the secretariats of the regional commissions and with the regional development banks;

.(d) Promotes, through existing institutions, the utilization at the regional, subregional and national levels of materials, tools, equipment and specialized skills, as well as facilities for training, information and professional exchange, to assist and accelerate national programmes for human settlements improvement.

75th meeting

25 May 1977