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Decision 94 (v)

1. Requests the Executive Director to provide the Governing Council at its sixth session with a precise accounting of the allocation for 1977 for the United pa Nations Conference on Desertification;

2. Approves the proposals by the Executive Director on the preparation of documentation to be presented to the Conference;

3. Requests the Executive Director to identify, for consideration at the Conference, actions based on practical projects to combat desertification, which could be carried out in specific areas in which national Governments have confirmed their interest and committed support;

4. Notes the intention of the Executive Director, as Secretary-General of the Conference, to revise the second draft of the plan in the light of the comments and recommendations made at the regional preparatory meetings and at the fifth session of the Governing Council, in its capacity as the intergovernmental preparatory body for the Conference, as a basis for discussion at the Conference;

5. Urges Governments:

(a) To secure all possible means available at the national level by

establishing, if necessary ad hoc national committees to make the practical aims of the Conference widely known;

(b) To ensure the highest possible political and technical levels of participation at the Conference;

6. Decides to consider at its sixth session, on the basis of the report by the Secretary-General of the Conference and taking account of agreement by Governments which have allocated priority to desertification problems within their development plans, recommendations of the Conference appropriate for action by the United Nations Environment Programme within its existing resources;

7. Calls on all Governments, especially those whose development plans include provision for desertification problems, and on the relevant United Nations agencies, to give their fullest co-operation in making the Conference recommendations widely known.

74th meeting

24 may 1977