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98 (V). Programme of the Fund of the United Nations Environment Programme


Approval of the medium-term plan 1978-1981

The Governing Council,

Having considered the proposed medium-term plan for 1978-1981, 62/

Reaffirming that the Fund of the United Nations Environment Programme has proved its worth and should be maintained as one of the four main elements of the institutional arrangements for international environmental co-operation within the United Nations system,

1. Approves the medium-term plan for 1978-1981 for Fund programme activities; 63/

2. Agrees with the intention of the Executive Director to seek voluntary contributions for the years 1978-1981 at the global level, as proposed in the plan;

3. Recognizes that in the normal course of events these levels will be reviewed by the Governing Council in the light of contributions received;

4. Urges all Governments to indicate their intentions to contribute to the Environment Fund at as early a date as possible;

5. Requests the Executive Director to make every effort to broaden the base of contributions to the Fund, and urges those Governments which have not yet contributed to the Fund to do so;

6. Further requests the Executive Director to ensure that an adequate cash carry-over is maintained from year to year;

7. Further requests the Executive Director, in view of the constant ceiling on expenditure on Fund programme activities proposed in the medium-term plan, to identify the bottle-necks in the process of appraisal, implementation and evaluation of programmes and projects and to submit a report to the Governing Council at its sixth session containing proposals for remedial measures with a view to raising the capacity of the Programme to achieve a higher annual level of expenditure within the levels of Fund programme activities as approved from year to year.

74th meeting 24 May 1977.


Approval of programme activities of the Fund of the United Nations Environment Programme for 1977 and for 1978-1979

The Governing Council,

Having reviewed the proposals of the Executive Director as outlined in his report on proposed programme activities of the Fund of the United Nations Environment Programme 1978-1979, 64/

1. Authorizes an allocation for Fund programme activities of $US 35,700,000 in 1977, $31,600,000 in 1978 and $30,000,000 in 1979;

2. Decides to apportion the allocation for Fund programme- ,activities as follows:

(In United States dollars)

Areas 1978 1979

Human settlements and human health 5,81o.,Coo 5,850,000

Ecosystems 7,620,000 7,4oo,ooo

Environment and development 1,6oo,ooo 1,200,000

Oceans 4,000,000 3,190,000

Energy 570,000 570,000

Natural disasters 550,000 500,000

Earthwatch 4,loo,ooo 4,86o,ooo

Environmental management 800,000 700,000

Environmental law 34o,ooo 34o,ooo

Support 4,8oo,ooo 4,730,000

United Nations Habitat and Human

settlements Foundation 700,000 -

Environmental data 710,000 66o,ooo

Total 31.6oo,,ooo 30,000,000

3. Authorizes the Executive Director to adjust the apportionment of funds up to a maximum of 2-0 per cent on each line, if this should be necessary to preserve, the integrity of the programme;

4.Authorizes an annual allocation of $US 1 million for Fund programme reserve activities in 1977, 1978 and 1979;

5.Further authorizes the Executive Director to allocate from the Fund

programme reserve to the Revolving Fund (Information) the amount required to bring the uncommitted balance of the Revolving Fund (Information) at 1 January 1978 to the sum of $100,000, provided that the Revolving Fund (Information) continues to be operated on a sound commercial basis;

6. Authorizes the increase of the financial reserve to $3,600,000

for 1977;

7. Authorizes the Executive Director to make forward commitments of up to $US 9 million in 1980 and up to $4 million in 1981.


24 may 1977