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100 (V). Environment and development

The Governing Council,

Recalling its decisions 21 (III) of 2 May 1975 and 79 (iv) of 14 April 1976, in which it requested the Executive Director, inter alia., to prepare a report on the environmental impact resulting from the irrational and wasteful use of natural resources and a study to include recommendations for putting into practice the concept of ecodevelopment as a planning method and a report on environment and development,

Noting the report of the Executive Director 68/ on the meeting of an intergovernmental expert group to discuss these subjects, and the report of the expert group, 69/

Noting with appreciation the intention of the Executive Director to devote greater attention to practical action in the field of environment and development and to the development of tools and methodologies for environmental management in order to provide a link between concepts and practical action,

Recognizing that it would be difficult in this context and at this point in time to draft a universally applicable definition of irrationality and wastefulness in the use of natural resources,

1. Requests the Executive Director to take appropriate measures, including the initiation of demonstration projects on the incorporation of environmental considerations into development planning, and perhaps further consultation with specialists who have experience in incorporating such considerations into development programmes in differing socioeconomic settings;

2. Calls upon Governments and international organizations to pursue the proposals of the expert group by undertaking, with the help of the United Nations Environment Programme, work on guidelines for the environmentally sound utilization of natural resources and to transmit the results to the Governing Council through the Executive Director;

3. Requests the Executive Director to ensure dissemination of the information available within the United Nations system;

4. Further requests the Executive Director to report on developments in this field, in response to the guidelines prepared by the expert group, when he reports to the Governing Council at its sixth session in the activities promoted within this subject area;

5.Considers that guidelines prepared on environmentally sound criteria are

intended for use by Governments in promoting national development programmes.

74th meeting 24 May 1977