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104 (V). Informal consultations with Governments

The Governing Council,

Recalling its decision 23 (III) of 2 May 1975,

1. Decides that informal consultations with Governments should be held twice between consecutive sessions of the Governing Council, once for one day

prior to the opening of the Governing Council session in Nairobi and once for at

least three days at a date and place to be determined by the Governing Council on

the recommendation of the members of the Bureau, after consultation with the Executive Director;

2. Requests the Executive Director to provide for such informal consultations in his budget estimates;

3. Decides that the informal consultations between the fifth and sixth sessions of the Governing Council should be held at Nairobi during January 1978, should review selected programme documentation under preparation by the Executive Director for submission to the Council at its sixth session (including progress concerning documentation format, as discussed during the fifth session of the Council), comment on pilot presentations of documents by the Executive Director, provide advice to the Executive Director on the information Governments need, should exchange views on policies and should consider any other items on which the Executive Director may wish to report;

4. Requests the Executive Director, in preparing for these consultations, to bear in mind the guidance and advice received by him in the course of the fifth session of the Governing Council and the advice and recommendations on documentation presented to him during that session.