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UNEP/GC.9/1 Provisional agenda

UNEP/GC.9/l/Add.1 and Annotated provisional agenda Corr.1 and Add.2

UNEP/GC.9/2 Introductory report of the Executive Director

UNEP/GC.9/2/Add.1 Resolutions and decisions of the General

Assembly at its thirty-fifth session and

of the Economic and Social Council at its

second regular session of 1980 of relevance

to the activities of UNEP

UNEP/GC.9/2/Add.2 and Governing Council session of a special Corr.1 and 2 and character in 1982


UNEP/GC.9/2/Add.3 Relationships with non-governmental organizations

UNEP/GC.9/2/Add.4 Work on the Interrelationships between people,

resources, environment and development

UNEP/GC.9/2/Add.4/Supplement Report of the Secretary-General on the

interrelationships between population

resources, environment and development

UNEP/GC.9/2/Add.5 Introductory statement by the Executive Director

UNEP/GC.9/2/Add.6 Preliminary report on the listing of dangerous

chemical substances

UNEP/GC.9/3 State of the environment: selected topics - 1981

UNEP/GC/9/4 and Add.1 and 2 Co-ordination questions

UNEP/GC.9/4/Add.3 and Co-operation with the regional commissions


UNEP/GC.9/4/Add.3/Supplement UNEP's presence at the regional level

UNEP/GC.9/4/Add.4 Development of the system-wide medium-term

environment programme

UNEP/GC.9/4/Add.5 Development of the perspective document

UNEP/GC.9/5 and Corr.l* Environment programme: programme performance


UNEP/GC.9/5/Add.1 International conventions and protocols in the field of the environment

UNEP/GC.9/5/Add.2 Co-operation in the field of the environment concerning natural resources shared by two or more States

UNEP/GC.9/5/Add.3 Marine pollution

UNEP/GC.9/5/Add.4 UNEP and the United Nations Conference on New and Renewable Sources of Energy

UNEP/GC.9/5/Add.5 Programme performance report

(1 January-30 April 1981)

UNEP/GC.9/6 and Corr.1 Environment programme: medium-term plan and 2 and Add.1 1982-1983

UNEP/GC.9/7 System-wide medium-term environment programme

UNEP/GC.9/8 Co-ordination and follow-up of the implementation of the Plan of Action to Combat Desertification

UNEP/GC.9/8/Add.1 Implementation of the Plan of Action to Combat Desertification in the Sudano-Sahelian region

UNEP/GC.9/9 Implementation of the Fund programme in 1980

UNEP/GC.9/9/Add.1 Implementation of the Fund programme in 1980 and 1981

UNEP/GC.9/10 and Corr.1 Management of the Fund and 2 ,

UNEP/GC.9/10/Add.1 Impact of non-convertible currency balances on Fund project selection and implementation

UNEP/GC.9/10/Add.2 Additional resources for environmental problems in developing countries

UNEP/GC.9/10/Add.3 Financing of plans of action

UNEP/GC.9/10/Add.4 Revised general procedures governing the operations the United Nations Environment Fund

UNEP/GC.9/10/Add.5 Management of the Fund (1 January-30 April 1981)

UNEP/GC.9/10/Add.6 Management of trust funds

UNEP/GC.9/10/Add.7 Provision of permanent secretariat and interim arrangements for the Convention on Wetlands of International Importance, Especially as Waterfowl Habitat

UNEP/GC.9/10/Add.8 Proposed "special window" in the Environment Fund

UNEP/GC.9/10/Add.9 Establishment of a regional trust fund for the Implementation of the Action Plan for the Protection and Development of the MarineEnvironment and Coastal Areas of theEast Asian Region

UNEP/GC.9/11 Project evaluation programme

UNEP/GC.9/12 and Corr.1 Performance report on the programme and programme

(English only) support costs budget for the biennium 1980-1981

UNEP/GC.9/13 and Corr.1 Proposed budget for programme and programme nd Corr.2 (French only) support costs of the Environment Fund,

:nd Corr.3 and Add.1 1982-1983 and Corr.1 and Add.2

UNEP/GC.9/14 and Add.1 United Nations accommodation at Nairobi

UNEP/GC/INFORMATION/l/Rev.l/ Compendium of approved objectives and strategies,

Supplement 2 concentration areas and goals for 1982 for the environment programme

UNEP/GC/INFORMATION/5/ Register of international conventions and

Supplement 4 protocols in the field of the environment

UNEP/GC/INFORMATION/6/Add.6 Memorandum of understanding governing

WHO/FAO/UNEP collaboration in the prevention and control of water-borne and associated diseases in agricultural water development activities

UNEP/GC.9/INF.1 Plan for environmental assessment

UNEP/GC,.9/L.1 Financial report and audited accounts of the

Fund of the United Nations Environment

Programme for the biennium 1978-1979 ended

31 December 1979

UNEP/GC.9/L.2 Performance report on the programme and programme

support costs budget for the biennium 1980-1981

UNEP/GC.9/L.3 Proposed budget for programme and programme

support costs of the Environment Fund, 1982-1983

UNEP/GC.9/L.4 and Corr.1 Environment Fund: financial report and interim

(English only) accounts (unaudited) for the first year of the

biennium 1980-1981 ended 31 December 1980

81-22679 1369e, 1456e, 1474e (E)