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Organizational and procedural matters

1. Adoption of the agenda and organization of work

17. The Council adopted the draft provisional agenda for the session of a special character as approved by the General Assembly. 2/ The agenda as adopted read as follows:

“1. Opening of the session.

“2. Adoption of the rules of procedure.

“3. Election of the President of the session.

“4. Organizational and procedural matters: 136/

“(a) Adoption of the agenda and organization of work;

“(b) Election of officers other than the President.

“5. Credentials of representatives.

“6. Review of the major achievements in the implementation of the Action Plan for the Human Environment.

“7. Future perspectives, action and international co-operation in the field of the environment, and major environment trends to be addressed by the United Nations Environment Programme over the next 10 years.

“8. Adoption of the report of the session.

“9. Closure of the session.


“136/ Statement in plenary meeting are expected to be made in accordance with decision 9/2 of the Governing Council of the United Nations Environment Programme.”

18. The Council agreed that agenda items 6 and 7 would be discussed in the context of a ageneral debate in plenary. It also agreed to establish an open-ended Committee of the Whole to formulate, for consideration and adoption by the Council meeting in plenary session, a draft decision or decisions on agenda items 6 and 7 in the light of statements made during the general debate, and an open-ended working Group to formulate a brief declaration for consideration and adoption by the Council meeting in plenary session.

19. The Committee of the Whole held eight meetings form 10 to 17 May 1982. At the 1st meeting, it elected Mr. Martin W. Hodgate (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) as Chairman and Mr. Arnold B. Caoili (Philippines) as Rapporteur, and adopted a programme of work and timetable. The Committee had before it the documentation considered by the Governing Council in plenary session under agenda item 6 and 7. It took as the basis for its work option 1 in the draft proposed action by the Governing Council (UNEP/GC(SSC)/2/Add.1) and amendments thereto submitted by a number of delegations (UNEP/GC(SSC)/CW/L.2, L.3, L.4 and Corr.1, L.6, L.7 and L.8). After extensive disccusion, the Committee decided to recommend adoption by the Governing Council the draft of the text which appears in annex 1 to the present report as resolution 1. Regarding section III, paragraph 2 © of the draft decision, the delegation of Greece proposed the addition of “ and other” before “difficulties” and reserved its position regarding the wording accepted. The delegation of the United States of America reserved its position on section III, paragraph 2 (j) pending the completion of the work of the Working Group on the draft declaration. The delegation of Belgium stated that it interpreted section VI, paragraph 7 (c) as in no way calling in question the global character of the responsibilities of UNEP and the budgetary implication deriving therefrom.

20. The Working Group held four meetings from 11 to 17 May 1982. At its 1st meeting, the Working Group elected Dr. Manuel Lopez Portillo y Ramos (Mexico) as chairman and H.E. Jan Witek (Poland) as Rapporteur. The Working Group reviewed documents UNEP/GC(SSC)/L.1, L.2 and Add. 1 and 2, and agreed, with the exeption of two bracketed parts on which consensus was not reached, as the Nairobi Declaration. On delegation, referring to paragraph 10 of that text, stated that the African group and several other delegations had expressed concern that the catalytic role of UNEP had not been satisfactory, and should be strengthened by expanding it to include implementation of programmes in certain areas. That delegation said that the Executive Director should report on that possibility at its eleventh session.

2. Election of officers other than the President

21. At the 1st meeting of the session, the Council elected the followig officers by acclamation:

Vice-Presidents: Mr. Abdul Rehaman Abdallah Al-Awadi (Kuwait)

Mr. Jaroslav Sobisek (Czechoslovakia)

Mr. Gote Svensson (Sweden)

Repporteur : Mr. Salvano Briceflo (Venezuela)