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Credentials of representatives

22. In accordance with rule 17, paragraph 2 of the rules of procedure for the session, the Council, at the 1st plenary meeting, decided to appoint to its Credentials Committee the same members as those of the Credentials Committee at the thirty-sixth session of the General Assembly, namely, China, Ghana, the Netherlands, the Niger, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and United States of America. At the 5th plenary meeting, on 12 May 1982, the Council, having been informed by the President that the Niger, Panama and Paraguay were not present at the session, appointed Equador, Peru and Seneragal in their stead.23. The Credentials Committee held its 1st meeting on 14 May 1982 and elected Mr. Emmanual Y. Agorsor (Ghana) as its Chairman. The Committee held two meetings, and in its report (UNEP/GC(SSC)/L.9) recommended a draft resolution for adoption by the Council (adopted as resolution VI – see annex 1, p.29). Introducting the ommission of Hungary from the list of delegations on behalf of which the representative of the Soviet Union had made the statement reflected in paragraph 10. The Governing Council approved the report of the Committee at the 13 meeting of the session, on 18 May 1982.