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Planning and implementation of environmental activities

1. Solemnly urges Governments:

(a) To establish or strengthen national mechanism for proper and timely identification and assessment of changes in the environment, including the national components of Earthwatch, especially their monitoring stations and their focal points for the International Referral system;

(b) To establish or strengthen national mechanisms for the integration of environmental considerations into development planning;

(c) To fit management techniques to environmental circumstances in dealing with sectoral problems;

2. Invites all Governments, Intergovernmental organizations and non-governmental organizations to ensure that the priorities for action mentioned in section III above are accorded high priority within their respective programmes;

3. Requests the Executive Director, by means of close co-operation within the outside the United Nations System to ensure, in the planning and implementation of environmental activities, that;

(a) The basic orientations identified in section IV above, and particular, the objective contained in paragraph 2 thereof, with special emphasis on the needs of the developing countries, serve as primary guides and are accorded high priority;

(b) Such planning and implementation be responsive to regional and subregional needs and national conditions and capabilities;

(c) These activities are concrete, have fixed priorities, as realistic and within a realistic time-frame, where possible undertaken collaboratively, implemented within an administratively simple and with adequate technical and financial support;

4. Also invites the governing bodies of the relevant organizations of the United Nations system to integrate the major environmental trends over the next ten years effectively in their action plans, and, on the basis of those trends, in close co-operation with the United Nations Environment Programme, to draw up appropriate measures for environmental protection with due regard to available resources;

5. Requests the administrative heads of the relevant organizations of the United Nations system to intensify their co-operation with the Executive Director in the effective implementation of approved programme in the field of the environment for the next ten years.

6. Requests the Executive Director to intensify co-operation with intergovernmental organizations and, as appropriate, support their work and to invite such organizations to intensify their efforts in the field of the environment;

7. Urges all donors to respond positively and increase their assistance, in accordance with established procedures and with the priorities of developing countries, to help meet their technical and financial requirements, particularly in their efforts aimed at envolving national programmes of research and development, technology, Institutional approaches and machineries for dealing with environmental problems;