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Annex IV



Symbol Title

UNEP/GC (SSC)/1 Provisional agenda

UNEP/GC(SSC)/1/Add.1 Annotated provisional agenda

UNEP/GC (SSC)/2 and Corr.2 The environment in 1982 – retrospect

And prospect

UNEP/GC (SSC)/2/Add.1 Draft proposed action

UNEP/GC (SSC)/3 Rules of procedure

UNEP/GC (SSC)/INF.1 and Review of major achievements in the

Corr. 1 and 2 implementation of the Action Plan for the

Human Environment

UNEP/GC(SSC)INF.1/Add.1 Evaluation of the implementation of

And Corr. 1. The 1982 goals

UNEP/GC(SSC)/INF.1/Add.2 The state of the World environment

And Corr.1 1972-1982

UNEP/GC(SSC/INF.3 Report on the state of preparedness

Of documents for the session

UNEP/GC(SSC/L.1 Draft declaration/message/proclamation

Of the Governing Council of the

United Nations Environment Programme

At its session of special character

UNEP/GC(SSC)L.2 Draft report of the Governing Council at

Its session of a special character

UNEP/GC(SSC)L.3 and Corr.1 Report of the Committee of the whole

And Add.1

UNEP/GC(SSC)L.4 a Draft resolution proposed by Australia,

Australia, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, India

Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden and Yugoslavia


a/ Superseded by UNEP/GC(SSC)/L.14.

Symbol Title

UNEP/GC(SSC)L.5/Rev.1 Arms and the environment: draft resolution

UNEP/GC(SSC)/L.6 Environmental consequences of the Israeli

Project to build a canal linking the Mediterranean to the Dead Sea: draft resolution

UNEP/GC(SSC)/L.7 Letter dated 17 May 1982 from the Chairman of the Latin American and Caribbean Group to the Executive Director

UNEP/GC(SSC)L.9 and Corr.1 Report of the Credentials Committee

UNEP/GC(SSC)/L.10 Report of the Working Group

UNEP/GC(SSC)/L.11 Letter dated 17 May 1982 from the Permanent Representative of the Republic of Argentina to the Executive Director

UNEP/GC(SSC)/L.12 Letter dated 18 May 1982 from the Permanent Representative of the United Kingdom to the Executive Director

UNEP/GC(SSC)/L.13 Letter dated 18 May 1982 from the permanent Representative to the United Kingdom to the Executive Director

UNEP/GC(SSC)/L.14 Special Commission: draft resolution