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1. The present proceedings were adopted at the 14th plenary meeting of the session, on 26 May 1989.

2. At the time of adoption, the representative of the Philippines, speaking with reference to chapter IV, paragraph 11, of the present proceedings, said that algal bloom had been evident in her country since the late 1970s and appeared two or three times a year. The outbreaks had not only caused many deaths, but had largely deprived a predominantly fish-eating population of an important source of protein. Her Government therefore requested technical and financial assistance under the East Asian Seas Action Plan to enable it to combat the menace.

3. The representative of Brazil, speaking with reference to chapter VI, paragraph 99, said that any mandate for the Executive Director to concentrate on any specific issues must necessarily derive from decisions by Governments and not from interpretations by members of the UNEP staff.

4. Replying to the representative of Brazil. the Executive Director said that UNEP staff members did not interpret decisions by Governments. The Executive Director was, however, entitled to nominate staff members to represent his understanding of how a decision should be implemented. If Governments did not agree with his understanding, the decision concerned must be clarified.