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15/1 - Strengthening the role and effectiveness of the United Nations Environment Programme

1. At the 12th meeting of the session, on 25 May 1989, the Council had before it a draft decision on this subject submitted by the Bureau (UNEP/GC.15/L.32).

2. The Executive Director said that the financial implications of the meetings of the Bureau of the council with the bureaux of the counterpart organs of the specialized agencies and other organs of the United Nations, proposed in section II, paragraph 5, of the draft decision, were estimated at $60,000.

3. The draft decision was adopted by consensus.

4. The representative of Japan said that his delegation had joined the consensus because his Government considered it important to strengthen the role of the UNEP, which it would continue to support by providing funds and staff. He expressed the hope that the Fund target referred to in section V, paragraph 1, of the decision would be achieved as soon as possible, but said that Japan would have difficulty in increasing its annual contribution at the rate mentioned in section V, paragraph 2, of the decision.

5. The representative of Kenya said that his delegation had joined in the consensus on the decision but felt that paragraph 1 (b) of section IV of the decision should have included a reference to the supply of freshwater resources, as well as to their quality.