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15/3 - United Nations conference on environment and development (decision 15/3)

14. At the 12th meeting of the session, on 25 May, the Council had before it a draft decision on this subject submitted by the Bureau (UNEP /GC.15/L.28).

15. The President said that, following consultations, the Bureau had decided to change the words “United Nations conference on environment and development” in paragraph 1 of section B of the annex to the draft decision (“Elements to be considered for inclusion in a resolution by the General Assembly at its forty-fourth session on the convening of a United Nations Conference on environment and development no later than 1990”) to read “United Nations Conference on Environment and Development”, thus suggesting that that might be the title of the conference.

16. The draft decision, as orally revised, was adopted by consensus.

17. At the request of the representative of India, the Secretary explained that, in the accordance with United Nations rules and practice, the phrasing of paragraph 6 of section B of the annex to the draft decision indicated that all States Members of the United Nations or members of a specialized agency or of the International Atomic Energy Agency should automatically be invited to participate as full members in each of the meetings of the intergovernmental preparatory committee for the conference.

18. The representative of the United States of America said that his delegation attached particular importance to paragraph 4 of section B of the annex to the decision. Only by concentrating on the issues set out in that paragraph could be conference promote environmentally sound and sustainable development in all countries. An appropriate title for the conference had been much debated, and his delegation had joined in the consensus on the proposed title on the understanding that the substance of the decision would not be changed to weaken the focus on the environment.

19. The representative of Kenya said that the comments he had made regarding section IV, paragraph 1 (b), of decision 15/1 also applied to paragraph 4 (b) of section B of the annex to decision 15/3.