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15/36 - Global climate change (decision 15/36)

95. The Committee approved draft decision on this subject submitted by Canada, Egypt, Kenya, Malta, Senegal, Switzerland, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and the United Kingdom (UNEP/GC.15/CW/L.10).

97. Speaking in plenary in reference to paragraph 11 (d) of the draft decision, the representative of Canada said that while he agreed that the stabilization of emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases and the development of energy sources that did not emit greenhouse gases should be among the goals and objectives to be pursued, specifying them as a first step constituted an identification of priorities that the industrialised countries had yet to set. Nevertheless, given the complex negotiations involved in drafting that paragraph, he had accepted the current working of the text. The comments of the representative of Canada were supported by the representatives of Australia, Japan, Sweden and the United States of America.

98. The representative of India reiterated the reservations about the Helsinki Declaration that he had expressed in connection with decision 15/35.