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A - The 1988 state-of-the-environment report "The public and environment"

6. There was a general agreement among representatives about the importance of securing public participation and the need for disseminating information about environment matters. One representative said that the 1988 report would be widely distributed in her country. Another asked whether the findings of the public opinion poll to which the Executive Director had referred would be made available for public distribution. One representative supported the proposal to hold training programmes for media personnel at different levels and stressed, in particular, to the importance of women and the environment. One representative expressed agreement that UNEP's information activities should specifically target policy makers as well as the public at large. Another representative, praising the 1988 report, offered amendments to the draft decision before the Council, Which would broaden the scope of UNEP's activities to increase public awareness of environmental dangers. Several representatives referred to specific activities which were being conducted in their countries to encourage popular assistance with local environmental problems.